【CAFE】Carthage Must Be Destroyed

Today, I introduce Cafe “Carthage Must Be Destroyed”.

This is located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn and it wasn’t easy to find the entrance because they don’t have any sign outside.

I would like to recommend this place if you are an organic lover.

About Food, everything tasted very good and healthy. Plus, very photogenic! (It’s very important for me!)

Price, it might be expensive than average for your brunch. I and my friend spent almost $100 for two. But I think we ordered too much because we could not eat all. Maybe, we should have ordered only one plate and then shared.

Those are what I order.

This is my friend’s.

For two↓lol

The atmosphere was nice, but, a little bit weird because there were very strict rules about taking a picture. The owner doesn’t like many people take a picture of this place and post on Social Media. They only allow the customer to take a picture of food, not inside of the restaurant. When we tried to take a picture of the inside of the restaurant, the staff cautioned us about it. that was really weird…


However, the outside was okay with taking a picture. This restaurant is in one of a warehouse.  As I said in the beginning, it’s very hard to find the place.


If the place is located in a more convenient area to access, I would come back here often. It was a very nice cafe in Brooklyn though! Just be careful about taking a picture! Tha’s it!! haha

Thank you!

Have a great weekend,







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    Wanna go there!

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