When I was a child, my dream had changed very often. I just followed whatever I was inspired. I wanted to be a Veterinarian, but I wanted to be an orchestra conductor, too.

When I was a college student in Japan, I made my life plan in 10 years. In that plan, I was supposed to get married at 25 years old, and then have 3 children until 30 years old. Buying the new house for my family, too. None of the dreams came true now because the value in my life changed. So, Yesterday, I just came up with the idea to make a new life plan and wanna share that with everyone.

Get married at 32 years old

Staying with my husband only during weekends (Do not live together in the same house) until we will have a baby 

Practice violin while I’m pregnant *I actually practiced violin last year, but it was hard to manage my time. So, I will restart to play in my pregnant term.

Having 3 children until 37 years old

Every year, travel abroad with my family 

Always express my love to my husband even though we have children

Understand the latest IT things even I turned to 80 years old 

Keep playing guitar and violin until I die and I will play the violin in front of my family every new year.

Going on space travel with my besties before we die

Those are my small dreams regarding my life. (Of course, I have so many dreams for my career, too! ) It’s still a draft and I may get more dreams later, but this is my plan right now.

I don’t wanna be a person who gives up new things because of age.

I wanna be a person who appreciates getting older and keep learning new things through her life.

Hope above dreams will come true in my future! I’m excited to look back this post in 10 years from now.

Thank you for reading!


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