My New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year Everyone!

I always appreciate that you visit my blog and Instagram. Thank you so much!

How was your 2017? When I look back last year, I had both happy and hard times. But,  the happy news obviously overwhelmed my life.

Every New Year, I feel so excited to think about the new resolution of the year. I feel like I can do whatever I want because it’s “NEW” year to all of us! Yasss!

My 2018’s resolution is to work for what I love the most and to build the lifestyle wherever I can work. Also, the biggest dream is to have my own fashion brand. I have not come up with any vivid ideas yet that the things will come true, but I have a strong will in my mind to make it happen.  So, I will just do it.

The most important thing for me is my family and friends are always happy and healthy even though I am in New York, not in Japan.

Thank you for all your support! Let’s make 2018 awesome!!




Look back from 2017’s my style

2018-01-05 午後10.49.01

2018-01-05 午後10.49.44

2018-01-05 午後10.49.58

2018-01-05 午後10.50.48

2018-01-05 午後10.51.18

2017-11-19 午後1.18.48

2018-01-05 午後10.49.33

2018-01-05 午後10.51.06

2018-01-05 午後10.50.24

2018-01-05 午後11.01.02

2018-01-05 午後10.49.12

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