Staying at 11 Howard Hotel

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This year, I stayed at 11 Howard hotel for a week for my birthday. Staying at this hotel was one of my dreams because many fashion bloggers stay and go to the fashion show from there during New York Fashion Week.

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The room interiors are decorated with millennial pink, white, gold and grey which looks really chic. Even their bathroom was such a cool, so I really like it.

My most favorite blogger @songofstyle is also staying at this hotel during NYFW, so I brought her style book there :))

Also, they have 2 private training rooms. Each room has own bathroom, so you can actually lock the gym itself and take a shower after working out. While I had stayed, I used them every night.

I had a dinner at on my birthday and it’s just next door of 11 Howard hotel. Unfortunately, this restaurant’s meals were not my taste and we have to wait for the table over 30 minutes even we made a reservation though, The entire atmosphere was not bad. It was just a little less than our expectation. I may try lunch menu next time. haha

Also, the location was very nice. There are so many good places to hang out. I will introduce my favorite cafes around that hotel in another post.

I will definitely come back to stay there, hopefully, it’s on next NYFW. Even though I live in NY, sometimes I need to stay the hotels to escape from the real life and feel refresh. haha If you plan to travel NY, this hotel is definitely one of my recommendations for you.

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Thank you for reading.


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