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Miki is a Japanese bilingual fashion blogger and Content Creator based in New York. What Miki Loves in New York is all about her fashion and lifestyle. She hopes everyone enjoys and gets inspiration from her blogs as well as her fashion style. 

What my 2 month quarantine looks like?

Hi Guys, It’s been a long time since I posted my last blog, but I will try to update it more consistently from now on. So, stay tuned! It’s been over 2 months since this quarantine started in New York. All restaurants and stores closed and we all have to keep social distance outside. Before this pandemic, I love going out and hanging out at cafes and restaurants with my friends. I gradually felt harder to stay home all day and not seeing anyone. Luckily, my bf, Andrew came to my home and stayed with me, so I was relieved to be with someone I care under this uncertain period […]

The heaven of Chanel beauty at The Atelier Beaute CHANEL

Hi Guys, These days, the fashion and beauty industries have dramatically shifted to focus on more Engagement marketing or Experiential marketing. Today’s one of my favorite example of those marketing brands is CHANEL. Chanel beauty opened “Atelier Beaute CHANEL” in Soho, NYC in this January. Last week, I finally visited there and had a really fun experience, so I will share with you guys about that!   When you go to the 2nd floor and see this fancy space, it would really lift you up! The entire space itself expresses the world of Chanel Beauty and looks really sophisticated. Also, in the entrance, there is the shiny instagrammable decorated […]

Life is too short to wait

  Today, I found this picture of Audrey Hepburn from someone’s Instagram feed. I was so surprised at the fact that even those beautiful women also get old as everyone does. I had lived with my grandparents since I was 15 years old and maybe because of that, I became more sensitive about the flow of time. Both of my grandparents already passed away, but when I was them we were very close and talked a lot every day. My grandma was very popular in the village because she looked so beautiful, smart, and fashionable when she was young. I respect the way she lived, so she is still my […]

Staying at The Ludlow Hotel

Hi guys, How are you doing? Today, I introduce my recommended hotel in NYC. Last month, I stayed at The Ludlow Hotel with my friend who came from Japan. This hotel was so amazing. Lobby, bar lounge, bedroom and even bathroom, Everything can be perfect for the pictures. 11 Howard, where I stayed on my birthday, was like modern, minimal and stylish, but The Ludlow was the opposite atmosphere and I would say like elegant, gorgeous and majestic. When I woke up, I felt so good because I can see the downtown view from wide windows. Especially, my favorite part of the room was the bathroom. Even though the piece of […]

Staying at 11 Howard Hotel

[:en]Welcome to my new website! I actually updated the layout and function on my blog a little bit fancier. It became easier to find the tips and articles by categories. This year, I stayed at 11 Howard hotel for a week for my birthday. Staying at this hotel was one of my dreams because many fashion bloggers stay and go to the fashion show from there during New York Fashion Week.