-Day 1- Short trip to Miami

[:en]Hi there,

I went on a short trip to Miami on this June with my friends. Even though I’ve been to NY more than 3 years, I hadn’t traveled much so far. So, I’m trying to go to travel a lot as much as I can this year. Anyway, that was really great time for my summer vacation.

This time, we stayed at Marenas Beach Resort Hotel where is located in the Northern area of Miami. It was kind of far from Downtown and Miami beach, but it was no problem to go to South are with Uber. Also, there were few guests and warm welcome from the staffs which were very good. The view from my room was amazing, too!

For dinner, we went to a Peru restaurant to eat a ceviche. It tasted very good! And, I ate a lobster first time in my life. I’d actually never eaten the lobster before. I didn’t know why, but I felt scared for their appearance looks like insects when I saw them. (Maybe only me??) However, my friend encouraged me to try, so I ate a little piece…it was okay, but I don’t remember if it’s delicious or not. haha

At night, we were just walking around beachside. The atmosphere of the city was very different from New York and I could feel South American culture a lot. I really loved that mood and decided to move to a warmer area after I retired my job.

To be continued→


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[:ja]Hi There!




今回滞在したホテルはMarenas Beach Resort というマイアミの中でもかなりノース側。



1日目はペルー料理のセビーチェを堪能!あと私はロブスターが怖くて食べられないんですが、この日は人生で初めて挑戦しました。食べた感想は、、、やっぱりまだ怖い。でも美味しかったかも!?笑 そしてロブスターの丸焼き⁈の写真は撮り忘れました笑


To be continued→



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