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[:en]Hi there,

From today I’m starting an English blog as well as Japanese because my friends have always asked me why don’t you write your blog in English and I wanna read! haha Also, as I announced before on Facebook and Instagram, you can shop my favorite items and wishlist through my blog post. I was very excited to inform you about this! I will post many tips for my lifestyle and fashion from now on, so hope you guys enjoy my blog and style.


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Recently, I can feel spring when I woke up and go out in the early morning. I really love spring air. Until a week ago, the weather condition had been really unstable in NY though.

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As my PJ, I’m wearing an ivory spaghetti strap dress from Urban Outfitters.  Those fur slides are from ZARA and my favorites. For now, I wear them as room shoes, but for the future, I may use them for going out?!


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You can find similar items below from fast fashion to aspirational brand.


On this weekend, I’m gonna go to see cherry blossoms with my friends on Roosevelt Island. In Tokyo, you can already see many cherry blossoms, right? In New York, it may bloom from middle of April to Beginning of May, I guess.


Anyway, I will write more my lifestyle details and tips for next posts. So, please follow my IG @mikynyc and Facebook -What Miki loves in New York-. I will try to update on every Fridays and Sundays!

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あとブログコンテンツも充実させ、アメリカの大手ファッッションE-commerceサイトのショップスタイルと提携し、読者のみなさんが私のスタイルやお気に入りのアイテムをこのブログからお買い物できるようになりました♪ 詳しくはホーム画面の上にあるSHOPのタブ(SHOP MY INSTAGRAM)をクリックしてくださいね!

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最近パジャマにしているのはずっと前にUrban Ourfittersで購入したアイボリーのワンピース。お出かけ用にはちょっと可愛するのでパジャマで落ち着きました!

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