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How are you enjoy the fall in NYC? Fall is the most favorite season through a year for me! Actually, I went back to Japan for a week in the middle of this month and visited Sapporo to see my family and then Tokyo for travel. Today, I want to introduce an amazing Japanese cultural program which I experienced in Tokyo.

GINZA SUSHI TOKI  is well known for the luxury Sushi in GINZA, Tokyo, but they are a not only normal Japanese restaurant. From this year, they have started the Japanese traditional experience package. The package includes 4 courses such as dressing Kimono, Eating Edo Sushi, Learning Japanese tea time and shooting photos! You can definitely enjoy Japanese culture more through this program like what I did. I love wearing Kimono so much, so I picked up pastel green Kimono this time because I wanted to try something new which I usually don’t choose. I experienced this program with beautiful woman Maki Kiriyama who is a professional fashion model in Japan and New York.

First of all, we wore the Kimono and did hair and make-up for the shooting. Then, Photography time!! Yay! We move to the shooting space and were taken so many pictures by a professional photographer which was really fun!!

After that, we tasted Edo Sushi (Genuine Japanese Sushi!). The course consists of 3 appetizers, 12 pieces of sushi and sushi roll (13,000yen value per person. WOW!!) The chef Mine-san showed us a making process of Sushi in the counter, that was so impressive. We could enjoy it with both my eyes and taste.

※The pictures were only a part of the course. Actually, I ate more pieces !!

After this, we moved to the Japanese tea room and learned how to make and drink green tea beautifully from the teacher. She taught us about the manner of Japanese tradition to be more mature Japanese ladies.  I hope I could reach it a little bit…

The last thing was shooting the photographs outside. We walked around the main street of GINZA with KIMONO during the shoot. The funniest thing was that a lot of tourists chased us and tried to take a picture of us. The Kimono matched with the atmosphere of GINZA very well. Finally, we received gorgeous pictures by email from the restaurant.


Through this program, I became to love Japanese culture more than before! I just realized that Japan has very sensitive and beautiful traditions. When you visit Tokyo, I would highly recommend visiting GINZA SUSHI TOKI  and join this package with your friends or boyfriend. It must become an unforgettable memory of Japan!

For more information, visit their website→GINZA SUSHI TOKI  

Thank you for the great service to GINZA SUSHI TOKI!! I loved it so much!! <3


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私たちが体験させていただいたのは、銀座すし四季さんが今年から始めた日本文化を半日で体験できる内容満載のプログラムなんです!半日の流れとしては、着物の着付け(ヘアセットあり)→室内でのカメラマンによる撮影→江戸前のお鮨コースを楽しむ→茶道体験→銀座の街を歩きながらの野外撮影→記念品をいただき終了 という素晴らしいものです!本当に大満足のコースで、まきさんと一緒に「これは外国人の方だけじゃなくて、東京旅行に地方から来た日本人の方達にもオススメしたい!!」と話していました。




最後は銀座の街を歩きながらの外での撮影でした。歩いているとカメラマンさんの後にたくさん観光客が付いて来ていて、一緒に私たちを追いかけて写真を撮っていたので、それが本当に面白かったです笑 この日はあいにくの雨でしたが、撮影の間は小雨でよかった!まきさんがとっても優しくて場を和ませてくださったので、最初は緊張でガチガチだった私も少しずつリラックスして楽しみながら撮影することができました。




詳細は銀座寿司四季さんのホームページへ→ 銀座すし四季 



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