The heaven of Chanel beauty at The Atelier Beaute CHANEL

Hi Guys,

These days, the fashion and beauty industries have dramatically shifted to focus on more Engagement marketing or Experiential marketing.
Today’s one of my favorite example of those marketing brands is CHANEL.

Chanel beauty opened Atelier Beaute CHANEL” in Soho, NYC in this January.

Last week, I finally visited there and had a really fun experience, so I will share with you guys about that!


When you go to the 2nd floor and see this fancy space, it would really lift you up!

The entire space itself expresses the world of Chanel Beauty and looks really sophisticated.

Also, in the entrance, there is the shiny instagrammable decorated space.

The staffs were very friendly and kind to take a picture for me and many girls did so.

As the first step to check-in, you need to make your personal account on their website.

And then, the receptionist gives you the instruction and tips for space.


The behind the lounge, the huge cosmetic wonderland came out!!

They set up each booth for skincare and cosmetics.

And here, you can see the situation which they literally have everything you want!! (I was really excited!)

So, you can pick up the testers and customize your own color and texture.

I always love Chanel lipsticks, and this  time I tried their new line which is called

“Rouge Coco Flash”






And more, there is a private make-up space! Wow!

Actually, they also have a special event called “make-up happy hour”. (Appointment required)

The Details: Book a seat at Happy Hour to get your evening started with makeup, music, and champagne! You’ll have 20 minutes of dedicated one-on-one time with a makeup pro to touch-up and elevate your existing make-up look. Guests will be seated for touch-ups in order of arrival, so please plan to arrive early. Come alone or come with friends — either way we look forward to seeing you!

I thought I saw pretty much everything of this space, however, I found the hidden space for the Perfume!

In this space, you can create your own Chanel’s perfume which sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

I had no time to do it on this day, so I will definitely come back here soon.




I really loved this magical lovely space!

If you visit, everyone would forget the time here and enjoy creating and finding your own style.

This is not the pop-up space and temporally, so you can come and back anytime!

Next time when I come back, I’m gonna create my own perfume!

I also wanna know your review, so please feel free to comment if you know this place!

On my Instagram, I’m sharing many hot and new spots in NYC! Please follow me ^^


Stay tuned!!


Thank you for reading…



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