Life is too short to wait

  Today, I found this picture of Audrey Hepburn from someone’s Instagram feed. I was so surprised at the fact that even those beautiful women also get old as everyone does. I had lived with my grandparents since I was 15 years old and maybe because of that, I became more sensitive about the flow of time. Both of my grandparents already passed away, but when I was them we were very close and talked a lot every day. My grandma was very popular in the village because she looked so beautiful, smart, and fashionable when she was young. I respect the way she lived, so she is still my […]

-Day 1- Short trip to Miami

[:en]Hi there, I went on a short trip to Miami on this June with my friends. Even though I've been to NY more than 3 years, I hadn't traveled much so far. So, I'm trying to go to travel a lot as much as I can this year. Anyway, that was really great time for my summer vacation. Read More[:ja]少し前になってしまうんですが、6月に友達とマイアミ旅行に行ってきました!アメリカ国内旅行は3都市目! 3年ニューヨークにいるのに去年までアメリカ国内旅行を全くしていなかったので、今年から色々行こうと思い始めました。 普段のニューヨークの都会の喧騒を忘れて、マイアミではビーチでのんびりしたり、美味しいご飯を食べたり、南米のノリを楽しんだり本当に最高のバケーションでした。 もっと読む[:]